A Brief History

MyPHor Materiales Especiales, S.L. is the affiliated engineering company of the Semegor Gestión Empresarial Group which focus its activity in Consulting about Construction Solutions and the Supply of Construction Products.

MyPHor Materiales Especiales, SL was founded at the beginning of 2004 with the objective of making available to its customers all the technical experience its employees had acquired during many years of work in the field of construction materials, bringing the best and most innovative products to its customers in a personalized way, providing specific solutions and advising on everything related to their use and benefits.

Our journey at MyPhor began as Sales Agent and Distributor of mortar and concrete additives from Sika, S.A.U. In 2007 we developed, together with leading companies in the treatment of special materials and laboratories specialized in the field of construction materials, structural synthetic fibers, as a complement to the commercialization of metallic fibers. In 2009 we signed agreements and contracts with manufacturers of extruded products to produce the fibers in Spain. Nowadays we own several national and international patents (Europe, USA, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and others). Our fibers are currently present in public works and building, mining, etc … both in large European projects as well as in other continents.

Subsequently we have been adding to our offered materials portfolio, several products such as: limestone and siliceous filler, additions for the production of concrete, dyes, special additives for the improvement of projected concrete, to be able to provide our customers with a global service

Since 2018 we have incorporated the marketing of highly effective photocatalytic paints for the elimination of “toxic pollutants, viruses, bacteria, fungi, surface dirt, bad odors, and other toxic substances”

The range of photocatalytic products help improve people’s quality of life of in schools, hospitals, cities, etc …

Currently we are involved with Spanish and international companies in several projects for the application of graphene technology in our clients’ currently used products such as mortars and concrete, anchor bars in mining, rehabilitation of structures, bonding.

Since the beginning of 2019 we have launched ColMyPHor our sibsidiary based in Bogotá (Colombia), founded to be able to offer closer assistance to all Spanish and international companies operating in LATAM in the development of projects where our products are being used.

MyPHor Materiales Especiales, in order to always offer the best technical and economic solutions for an optimization of concrete, allocates efforts and resources for R&D and collaborates with companies to try to be at the forefront of new developments of materials.

It offers macro structural synthetic fibers with technology to improve adhesion and with a high modulus of elasticity, greater than 20 GPa. Likewise, a range of macro fibers that are more adapted to pavement use and that optimally replace the distribution mesh, such as the MPH Fiber P-50, is offered

MyPHor Materiales Especiales is researching the technology for the application of graphene both in synthetic fibers in order to improve adhesions and strengths, as in the additives of concrete range to improve aspects of water absorption, manageability and durability.

Additives with nanometric technology are researched and offered in order to comply with the needs in mining and tunnel execution for more effective concretes.

Some, such as MPH-AD improve thixotropy, so that a considerable reduction in rebound is achieved without affecting resistance, others such as MPH-SC, improve the impermeability and compactness of the shotcrete.

Finally, regarding the growing need to reduce the emission of pollutants, to have healthier buildings and cleaner environments, MyPHor Materiales Especiales has researched photocatalytic technologies.

The range of photocatalytic paints and primers for all types of walls is the result of this development, and the achievement of the activation of Titanium Dioxide in the presence of light that breaks down the polluting organic and inorganic substances is one example.


Provide a highly qualified service to our customers through:



Detecting and incorporating into our portfolio new products that provide improved performance and / or facilitate the use of traditional building materials through our specialized consultation.



Our team is undoubtedly the basis of our business success. We have Engineers, Geologists and Architects of proven experience and prestige in the construction sector and its materials.



Our commitment to the environment, by introducing products that protect people’s quality of life through materials that improve air quality, or reduce the carbon, nitrogen or some other footprints, photocatalytic paints, synthetic fibers, graphene, etc …


Social action

By returning to society part of the benefits we receive from it through MyPHor Materiales Especiales, S.L. Social Action, contributing economically by donating a percentage of our sales, to organizations that favor the most vulnerable groups every year.

MyPHor customers around the world

MyPHor supplies its products to distributors and international customers in four continents. In addition, we provide our clients with personalized assistance on site. Training courses for the correct use of our products and technical consultancy on site. We provide solutions to complex problems, and optimize their cost. Let us advise you.


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